Informative graphics

Our main area of expertise is the visualisation of specialized scientific content; it is particularly important to us to satisfy high-academic and aesthetic standards.

Therefore, our primary concern when undertaking a project is to truly understand your data to discover the best form of visualisation. Together with you, we extract all relevant information as a starting point for our work.

Afterwards, we like to experiment and develop new ways to illustrate and present even the largest and most specialized information as clearly as possible.

Our aim is to communicate science in a way that makes it equally fascinating to specialists and general audiences alike, essentially any individual who attends exhibitions and presentations, or reads publications.

Depending on your project’s specific purpose, we provide high-quality two- or three-dimensional illustrations for printing, as well as animated visualisations, which can be used for presentations in conferences, museums, or on the internet.

This illustration shows the internal construction of a reed building in Uruk. The walls are formed of tightly packed reed bundles covered with mud plastering. Client: Dr. Margarethe van Ess, Uruk Visualisation Project, German Archaeological Institute (DAI).
Still from an animation explaining the construction of the mosaic façade of the so-called “Stonecone Building” in Uruk. Hundreds of thousands of coloured stone cones made up the wall decoration of this unique building. Client: Prof. Ricardo Eichmann, Oriental Institute, German Archaeological Institute (DAI).