Maps & Plans

As an important part of the archaeological documentation, maps and plans are able to communicate a great variety of information and offer many layout possibilities.

We create well-designed maps and plans, adapted to the specific requirements of your project. We offer graphic solutions for print media, including publications, as well as animated or interactive plans and maps for presentations in museums and on the internet.

Interactive plans, for example, offer a great way to invite the visitor to actively explore a site or learn more about a project on an intuitive level.

Furthermore, if you have an existing collection of maps and plans, accumulated over the years, it is possible to unify them with regard to their style, font, and colour scheme for publication purposes.

Interactive map created for the online presentation of the Tell Half Project. The visitor can virtually explore the site by switching the different excavation areas and occupation layers on and off. Client: Dr. Lutz Martin, Tell Halaf Project, Vorderasiatisches Museum, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin.