We prepare high-quality drawings based on your field documentation.

In this process, the pencil drawings of your excavation plans are scanned and then digitized using a CAD programme or vector-based software. According to your requirements, they are then ready for further editing.

The plans can, for example, be colourized according to your project’s colour scheme, prepared in black and white for printing, plotted, or even combined to give a three-dimensional impression of your excavation trench, which is easier to understand than the plan alone.

The final plans and images are always provided in digital file format for archival storage.

Contact us to find out more about the different possibilities of illustrating archaeological plans.

In this illustration, the plan and profiles of an excavation trench are combined in order to clearly understand the stratigraphy. Client: Prof. Dominik Bonatz, Tell Fecheriye project, Institute for Near Eastern Archaeology, Freie Universität Berlin.