Tell Fecheriye Homepage and Logo
About the project

Tell Fecheriye is situated in Northeast Syria. Since 2005, a German-Syrian research project has been conducting excavations at the mound. In order to present the team’s results to a wide audience, we were asked to design the official website and logo.

Our main goal was to present the extensive archaeological data in a clearly-arranged way, so that specific information could be easily located throughout the website in German, English, and Arabic.

Additionally, a complete project bibliography is given, and each of the website’s articles is downloadable as a PDF file in German, English, and/or Arabic.

An overview of the site is offered through an interactive map, and the scientific data is enriched by numerous pictures of the excavation and its participants.

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Concept development, web design and programming, logo design
Prof. Dominik Bonatz, Institut für Vorderasiatische Archäologie, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany
Completed in 2010, updated in 2011
The logo is reminiscent of the turba, the Islamic mausoleum which is a very prominent feature at the site.
Screenshot of the website.
We created this infographic in order to facilitate the Middle Assyrian stratigraphy in sounding C.