The exhibition in the Martin-Gropius-Bau Berlin shows a collection of over four hundred vintage photographs taken by Dennis Hopper, the famous artist, director and actor. The photos were taken in the sixties and show the spirit of that era, portraying many iconic persons like Andy Warhol, Paul Newman and Martin Luther King.

The rather small exhibition displayed all photographs behind flat glass cabinets on the wall. The originals were of excellent quality and comfortably visible throughout the exhibition. The motifs were most compelling and show the sixties through the eyes of the famous actor. After the death of Dennis Hopper, the forgotten photographs were rediscovered in five boxes. Hopper selected them himself before his death for his first big exhibition.

I enjoyed the exhibition very much and was positively surprised by the wonderful pictures, because I was not aware that Dennis Hopper was a photographer. What I liked the most were the motifs of the “hippie movement” (to which Hopper counted himself) as well as the series of bikers, which reminded of the film “Easy Rider”. The photographs offer a unique insight into that time. Even though there were about 400 photographs on display, the exhibition was quite small and I would have wished for two or three more rooms.

Nevertheless, I would definitely recommend this exhibition, it is worth having a look!

Image: © Sebastian Hageneuer