In 2011, the very successful exhibition “The Tell Halaf Adventure” was displayed in the Pergamon-Museum, Berlin. The exhibition presented for the very first time reconstructed statues which were destroyed by the bombings of  World War II. 27.000 pieces were puzzled together over a period of 9 years and finally presented to the public. The exhibition was enriched by objects from other museums around the globe, a collection like this will not be possible for a long time.

While the exhibition was still present, the team of Ingenieurbüro Malige recorded it partially with the help of a terrestrial laser scanner. They converted the 3D data into a 5-minute long clip, which is now public on the official excavation page of the Tell Halaf excavation project. So if you missed the exhibition or just want to remember, take a look: Link to the News section of the Tell Halaf excavation project