Next year, I will be part of a team of publishers that worked very hard the last couple months to complete a volume of interdisciplinary and international scholars concerned with the topic of monumentality.

The volume will consist of an extensive introduction by the editors, which will include responses by other authors. In this introduction, we tackle the topics of Terminology, Methodology and Object Biography in concern with monumentality. After that, the volume presents twelve different peer-reviewd articles discussing the topic in their own way. These scholars were all part of a TOPOI workshop held in Berlin 2017. You can find first informations about the publication on the publishers website here.

The greatest thing though is, that this publication will be Open Access, meaning that if you do not want to purchase a printed book, you can simply download a PDF to get access to all the content. As soon as the publication is released, we will relink here to the volume, so that you can’t miss it.

Buccellati, F./Hageneuer, S./van der Heyden, S./Levenson, F. 2019: Size matters – Understanding Monumentality Across Ancient Civilisations, Transcript Verlag: Bielefeld.