A couple years ago, we created a children’s illustration of an excavation for an exhibition. Over the years we got a lot of requests for this image and therefore decided at one point to do a high quality print. We still have a couple of them left and thought, maybe this might be a good last-minute present for christmas!

The image shows an excavation trench in the Near East with various protagonists doing various tasks that are part of an excavation. You’ll find a database engineer, a philologist, ceramologists, surveyors, a photographer, draftsmen, the director of excavation (explaining “his” finds), the trench supervisor (usually slightly stressed out) with his assistant (usually extremely stressed out) and even an excavation cook. There is a lot to discover and the image suits adults as well as children, archaeologists as well as laymen.

The image is in A3 format (297 x 420 mm) and printed on 170g paper as a matt glaze offset print. We will send it in a solid mailing tube, so the print will get to you unharmed. The image will not come with a frame. The price is 8 Euro plus shipping. As we do not have an online shop yet, we will handle the financials ourselves. You can pay via PayPal, bank transfer or credit card. You will get a bill after ordering, where you can choose how to pay. We’ll send the image as soon as the money arrived.

Shipping is somewhat difficult. When sending outside of Germany, the German Postal Office can send the package as a letter, resulting in lower shipping costs of 5,30 Euro. Inside Germany however, this is not possible and we have to ship it as a package for 6,50 Euro. The price for the packaging is already included. The prices for shipping do not change, if you order more than one poster. We are sorry for the high shipping costs, but there is nothing we can do really, this is the cheapest way.

The offer is up until we don’t have any prints anymore, so you can say it is a limited offer, a once-in-a-lifetime possiblity even, if you wish. You can place your order through our contact form. Send us your shipping address, so we can discuss shipping costs with you and provide you with a link to pay us.