About the project

For the Tell Fecheriye exhibition in December 2011, we provided the concept development and design for the exhibition architecture, as well as for the accompanying print media. Our aim was to present the results of the ongoing archaeological excavation at Tell Fecheriye, Syria, to a wide, general public.

Since the exhibition took place in a Globetrotter store in Berlin, our challenge was to find an easily accessible way to present this rather specific topic to a very mixed audience, consisting predominantly of families with children.

We therefore decided to not only present scientific information, but an entire archaeological experience too. For the children we created a colourful illustration showing the many different tasks performed during an excavation. Additionally, some great prizes awaited the winners of an archaeological quiz game for kids.

Visitors who wanted to learn more about the excavation project, or who wished to contact the project’s website, could do so by studying the accompanying information material.


  • Bonatz, D. in print: Tell Fekheriye in the Late Bronze Age. Archaeological investigations into the structures of political governance in the Upper Mesopotamian Piedmont.