3D print of the reconstruction of the White Temple

This 3D Print was made by 3DActivation (Wiesbaden) and measures 40 x 40 centimetres. This is a scale of 1:200. Photo: ┬ęsmac

The preparations for the upcoming exhibition in Chemnitz are on the way. A while ago, I presented my own 3D print of a 3D model I made a while ago. For the exhibition however, the print needed to be a little bit larger, in order for people to really see and touch. So they printed the model in 40 x 40 centimetres, which corresponds to a scale of 1:200. It looks really nice and I am happy to see our work presented in this exhibition.

The exhibition “DIE STADT. Zwischen Skyline und Latrine” is scheduled to open in January 2021 and focuses on the city as a topic. Cities of Mesopotamia, the Classical World, the Middle Ages, the Modern Age and maybe even the future will be presented and displayed. If you find the time, please have a look and let me know, how you experienced the 3D print. Do you think this is a good museum object to display? Is a 3D print better than an image or animation?