We love to share our work, but as there are always questions about copyright issues, we thought we offer a short explanation on who can use our images and animations and under which circumstances. We strongly believe in free education and want to support it, but also be treated fairly, when you are using our work for commercial purposes. Basically, there are three categories: Free, Ask and Pay.

😊 Free

If you are an educator or want to give a presentation in your school or university, feel free to use the images and animations provided on our webpage. All the images come with a copyright watermark. As long as you keep this visible, we are happy. If you have to edit it out or use one of our animations that don’t have a watermark, just make sure you provide a link to our webpage for reference. Something like this: © artefacts-berlin.de. We also ask, that you make it explicit, that this material is only a proposal of a reconstruction and to add the year of creation, that can be found on the corresponding project page under the point Status.

❓ Ask

If you are a researcher who wants to use our work in her or his paper, just ask us! Good chances are, you don’t have to pay anything. For some images, we need to get some additional permissions, but for the most part, we should be good. Just use our Contact Form to write us which material you need and for what reason. Give us some short outline what this paper is about and where you want it to be published. As long as it is not commercial, we’ll be good to go. Of course the same rules apply concerning the copyright notice as well as the declaration as a reconstruction proposal.

💰 Pay

If you are a publisher, author, special-interest magazine, museum or documentary filmmaker just contact us as well and we’ll talk prices. We use a fairly common price list depending on print-run, size/duration and medium, so we won’t take too much. It is important to us however, that as long as you are making money with our work, we get our fair share. Also ask for additional material, we can’t put everything here on the webpage. We’ll discuss a price, take care of additional permissions, write a license agreement and send you the high-res files as quickly as possible. When contacting us, please provide the title, author, print-run, size of the image in the publication (full-page, half-page, etc.), distribution as well as publish media (Print, eBook, etc.).