Heron of Alexandria – Automated Temple Doors

About the project Heron of Alexandria (c. 10-70 CE) was a Greek-Egyptian mathematician and inventor. Heron lived in Roman Egypt and was a representative of Hellenistic Science. He invented a steam-powered engine, called the Hero-Engine or aeolipile, a wind wheel, a vending machine and even the pantograph. He was experimenting with other steam-powered devices as […]

The Oxus-Temple: 3D Visualisation

About the project Ancient Bactria lies on both sides of the river Oxus (modern: Amudarja), in the south of Uzbekistan and Tadzhikistan as well as in the north of Afghanistan. Bactria was part of the Persion Empire since the middle of the 6th century BCE and was due to its richness one of the most […]