I have been working on the design and production preparation of three dioramas for the National Museum in Herat, Afghanistan. Today, I went to the model maker‘s place to have a look at the finished models. They turned out great! This is the first time that some of our 3D-models got converted to real life models. 🙂

Great! I can actually touch the figures that I built in the computer only a few weeks ago. 🙂

The dioramas are constructed in a modular fashion in order for them to be easily packed and transported to Herat, where they will be reassembled by the museum staff.

View of the third diorama and construction details. Scholars study with their master in the court of a mosque in Kashgar. Size: 65 x 45 x 50 cm.

This is what the models looked like in the computer. I built them exactly to scale and gave the data to the model maker. In the Herat museum each diorama will be placed within a separate display case.
To read more about this project, visit our project-site!
(Photographs: © Sandra Grabowski)