On the 25th of April, that’s in about two weeks, the exhibition “Uruk – 5.000 years of the megacity” will be open to the public at the Pergamon Museum Berlin. For the last five years we were working closely with the German Archaeological Institute to reconstruct major parts of the ancient city of Uruk. Some of this work can already be seen on our website: The Stone-Cone Building, the Seleucid Period and the Late Uruk Period are already available and more projects and results will follow in the next months, once the exhibition has opened.

In addition to the above mentioned, we will present reconstructions of the Sinkashid Palace, the ziggurat of the Ur-III Period and the White Temple of Uruk. The results will be displayed as animations, plots and even on one big diorama with the interior of the White Temple. Of course, all of the reconstructions can be found in the accompanying exhibition catalogue. We are still working on the final drafts of our animations, but are very confident that everything will be ready in time. If you are near Berlin or Mannheim please take the time and visit the exhibition, we would love some feedback and opinions!