After 5000 years of megacity, we celebrate today 5 years of :ARTEFACTS. Exactly five years ago, we decided to realize our shared idea and what started out as a student side job is now a fully grown small-business. We are looking forward to the next five years!

For this occasion we decided to give a little something away: A brand-new edition of the Cartoon History of the Universe. Volumes 1-7. From the BIG BANG to Alexander the Great by Larry Gornick (English). This is a formidable and amusing comic about… well the History of the Universe of course! If you do not already have it, you need it. If you want to win this edition, send an eMail to until the 17h of November 2013 with your name and shipping address. On the 18th we will let fortune decide who gets the book. We take care of the shipping fees, no matter where you live. After this, we will delete all mails and will not save any of your addresses. We have no interest in any data whatsoever and just want to give away one of these books. Best of luck!