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Present for archaeologists

A couple years ago, we created a children’s illustration of an excavation for an exhibition. Over the years we got a lot of requests for this image and therefore decided at one point to do a high quality print. We still have a couple of them left and thought, maybe this might be a good […]

Interactive Excavation Drawing

Some folks over at Genial.ly turned one of our graphics, the childrens illustration of an excavation, into an interactive graphic, where you can click on the different people and get their job on the excavation. We are not sure whom to thank for that, but here it is:

One of our pictures just got published

In an article published in the series Orientalia Lovaniensa Analecta, Henning Franzmeier wrote about the secondary function of pottery. This case study used the ceramic assemblage from a Ramesside well near Qantir-Piramesse in the Eastern Nile Delta in Egypt. The visualisation of the well was made in 2008 and you can read about it here. […]

New project finished: Animation of the construction of the Stone-Cone Building (Steinstiftgebäude) in Uruk

We just finished a new animation project! The five-minute film shows the detailed construction of the Stone-Cone Building in Uruk beginning with digging the ditch for the foundation and ending with the finished building enclosed by surrounding walls. At the moment we only show some stills of the film, but you can read all about […]