I just found out that a few unique screen prints of these wonderful Gilgamesh illustrations by artist Franziska Leischker are still available for purchase. The illustrations show key scenes from the Ancient Near Eastern epic of Gilgamesh and were originally created by Franziska for the Gilgamesh exhibition in the August Kestner Museum that we wrote about here and here.
The motifs are:
1) The Ziggurat of Uruk; 2) Enkidu, the savage; 3) Enkidu and Shamhat; 4) In Humbaba’s forest; 5) Gilgamesh and Enkidu fight Ishtar’s Bull; 6) Gilgamesh at Enkidu’s deathbed; 7) Siduri’s tavern at the world’s end; 8) The Babylonian Noah; 9) Gilgamesh fetching the Herb of Immortality.
For purchase and details contact Franziska Leischker directly!

Credits: All images © Franziska Leischker