Excavations at the Tell Fecheriye/Syria – Exhibition

About the project For a short-term exhibition project in December 2011, we were asked by Prof. Dominik Bonatz to create an exhibition about the ongoing archaeological excavation at Tell Fecheriye in Syria, aimed at a wide, general audience. Since the exhibition took place in a Globetrotter store in Berlin, the challenge was to find an […]

Tell Fecheriye exhibition – Print

About the project For the Tell Fecheriye exhibition in December 2011, we provided the concept development and design for the exhibition architecture, as well as for the accompanying print media. Our aim was to present the results of the ongoing archaeological excavation at Tell Fecheriye, Syria, to a wide, general public. Since the exhibition took […]

Tell Fecheriye Homepage and Logo

About the project Tell Fecheriye is situated in Northeast Syria. Since 2005, a German-Syrian research project has been conducting excavations at the mound. In order to present the team’s results to a wide audience, we were asked to design the official website and logo. Our main goal was to present the extensive archaeological data in […]