The visualisation of the pre-dynastic center of Uruk is actually nearly five years old, but we never put it in our portfolio. Due to our new design, we also update our project list, even if the projects are a bit older.

The visualisation is not very extensive, but the remains of the pre-dynastic period in Uruk aren’t as well. Therefore, a reconstruction of this period is quiet challenging. Nevertheless, we worked closely with the Oriental Department of the German Archaeological Institute to provide a proposal how it might have looked like, although it is quiet hypothetical.

The interesting part of this is, that it might be a predecessor to the famous ziqqurrat of the Ur-III period and therefore one of the earliest examples of a stepped temple terrace, although no remains of a second step or a temple were ever found.

If you want to have a look, head over to our portfolio: Pre-dynastic architecture (UA1 and UA2)